Two Green Monkeys provides children with safe, eco-friendly art supplies.
All our products are made with non-toxic, natural ingredients.

Our wee monkey loves painting, drawing and getting messy! As parents we have encouraged creativity from a young age and it was comforting to know that using Natural Earth Paints we didn't have any concerns about it getting into her eyes, in her mouth or on her skin. She could explore her creativity and have fun using non toxic, natural products. As a family, when given the opportunity, we seek out chemical free skin care and foods and so it made sense to follow this through with natural art supplies for our child. The more we talked to other parents the more we realised we were not alone in our concerns about what goes into so many common children's products, but fortunately for art and craft supplies we have Two Green Monkeys.

The children's art supplies we stock are unique. They are made with organic, natural ingredients, which make them safe for your whole family. They have all been crafted by families with young children and babies who like ours LOVE to get messy and creative! Relax, make yourself a cup of tea or grab a paintbrush yourself and let your children's imagination go wild!